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A bewildering, but fascinating dance and scuffle with words.

Dutch and English version in one book

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Special edition


The one-act is the portrayal of a conversation after a son-in-law is confronted with an incest situation involving his father-in-law, raised by a doctor, a psychologist and the victim’s mother.

The son-in-law invites his father-in-law for a talk to discuss his findings openly and honestly in the Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam.

However, it turns into a famous power play, with the deed eventually disappearing from the picture altogether and the invitation to the discussion is labelled the crime instead.

The masterly relabeling of the crime and general naivety at that time had an unfair impact on the messenger.

A true confrontation that took place around the year 2000 in the Netherlands.


The one-act play was first performed and exhibited in 2004 in the COBRA museum in Amstelveen near Amsterdam.

This one-act play is actually made for a participation exhibition where the visitor can actively play the one-act in Dutch and English in the setting of a museum.

By performing it themselves, the visitors can best feel what the influence is of the well-known power play that so often manipulates the truth.

And how power play behaves in language.

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Dimensions 30 × 23 × 0.5 cm
Special edition

0-50 copies


Dutch and English version in one book, both 32 pages


Full color, soft cover, magazine size, hand painted illustrations

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